Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Few if by Sea

I usually avoid boats like I do the discotheques, but can tolerate them traversing at a slow pace through the Chicago River while on a guided Architectural Tour. I wish I could say I absorbed a bevy of information about Chicago's rich design history, but I was too busy taking photos on my unstable sea legs.

Via Chicago Via Boat27
Trump, Gull and Fox Trot Building, Sears Willis

Via Chicago Via Boat04
Eye in the Sky 

Even while playing  the role of a vacationing local tourist, I can't seem to avoid the weddings.
Via Chicago Via Boat16
Wedding People

Via Chicago Via Boat26
Boat Beam, Some Buildings

If the sea sickness isn't too overwhelming, feel free to drift on over to Flickr to see some more from the voyage.