Monday, February 2, 2009

Pleasant Enough All the Same, February 1, 2009

Sunday, besides being the half-way point for the MCA portrait project, was another bright and sunny winter's day in Chicago. This meant more natural light poured through the Court Theatre windows than I'm used to, which allowed me to experiment with shapes and silhouettes as patrons stood near the glass. The first shot is a direct result--a portrait not representative of the subject, per se, but one that is more about form, light, and contrast. That's how I'm going to try and sell it, anyway. The framing in the second shot can only happen by happy accident, when the shutter is continually pressed without looking through the viewfinder. The third was carefully framed, as the subject was standing near the winding staircase, allowing me to position the camera between two support beams of the bannister. If you're so inclined, see the entire set, in binary form, by clicking here.

153, originally uploaded by Christopher Hiltz.

150, originally uploaded by Christopher Hiltz.

149, originally uploaded by Christopher Hiltz.

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