Friday, January 16, 2009

Pleasant Enough all the Same, January 15 2008

I can safely say that I'm glad the first night of the MCA project is behind me, and that the opening night kinks have been (hopefully) worked out. There were some technical issues with printers not printing, along with various small details that needed to be ironed out on the fly, but overall, from here on out, things should run a bit smoother. Most importantly there were plenty of folks who braved the brutal cold and came out for opening night of the 'Wild Duck,' and served as wonderful portrait subjects for my project. Below are a few from the first night. To read more about the project, and to see a complete set of the portraits please click here.

8, originally uploaded by Christopher Hiltz.

10, originally uploaded by Christopher Hiltz.

3, originally uploaded by Christopher Hiltz.

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  1. yay for you! i love how you captured the steamed up glasses.

    i'm spreading the link of the flickr page.
    can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!